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409 Chevy Aluminum

BMP 409 Chevy Aluminum Block

The first new W-Block since the Sixties! Limited Production has been underway & we are shipping them in the same order as the orders are placed.  So if you have not ordered one, you had better order one NOW! Future production runs will be produced in very limited numbers sometime in the future. Developed in concert with the late great Lamar Walden. It is basically a standard BMP Big Block Chevy with a few differences. It accepts the following to assemble it...

We are currently in the middle of some foundry updates and at the same time decided to use the down time  to upgrade the tooling to improve the casting quality. Projected ship dates to begin in late Summer 2018.1. BBC crankshaft up to a 4.250" 

2. BBC harmonic balancer 
3. BBC connecting rods 
4. Custom 409 pistons 
5. BBC timing chain and cover 
6. BBC camshaft but with 409 lobe positions 
7. 409 Lifters 
8. BBC starter 
9. BBC oil pan 
10.409 style water pump 
11.409 pulleys and brackets with the exception of needing a BBC bottom crank pulley 
(Lamar Walden Automotive has a complete serpentine belt set up if needed )



  • Deck Height: 9.600 Std
  • Bore Size: 4.240
  • Max Bore Size: 4.530
  • Cylinder Bore Spacing: 4.84"(stock)
  • Crankshaft: Standard BBC clearanced for 4.250
  • Rods: Standard
  • BBC Pistons: 409 special w/valve notches relocated
  • Cam: 409 special w/BBC cam bearing journals
  • Cam Location: Standard BBC Lifter
  • Location: Standard
  • 409 Lifters: Special 409 Lifters
  • Lifter Angles: Int.45°/ Ex.45°
  • Timing Chain: Standard BBC
  • Oil Pan: Standard BBC
  • Oil Pump: Standard
  • BBC Oil Pump Drive: Standard BBC
  • Timing Chain Cover: Standard BBC
  • Water Pump: Standard 409
  • Cylinder Heads: Standard 409
  • Intake Manifold: Standard 409
  • Distributor: Standard BBC w/.300 spacer under the collar 
  • Cam Bearings: Durabond CHP12
  • Oil Restrictors: BMP 701802-2
  • Dowel Pin Kit: BMP 701582-K
  • Rear Seal: FEL2904

  • BMP 409 Instruction Sheet  PDF - Adobe Reader Required