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Aluminum BBC

BMP Big Block Chevy Aluminum Engine Blocks

The BMP BBC aluminum block is the ultimate replacement in high performance aluminum engine blocks for big block Chevy die hards. We give you real world technology for the street or the track. Compatible with all GM IV components and is the best foundation for building a large displacement Big Block Chevy with total reliability.  




  • MATERIAL:  357-T6 aluminum (strongest available)  
  • DECK HEIGHT: 9.800” or 10.200"  
  • DECK THICKNESS: .600" minimum  
  • CAM BEARINGS: Standard Chevrolet big block set  
  • MAIN BEARINGS: Standard Chevrolet
  • CYLINDER BORE SPACING: 4.840" (stock)
  • LIFTER BORES: Indexed (stock .843" bore)  
  • LIFTER ANGLES: Int.45°/Ex.39°  
  • BORE: 4.240", 4.490"  
  • CYLINDER WALL THICKNESS: (.093" @ 4.500" bore, .0625" @4.560"  bore)  
  • WATER JACKETS: Expanded for better cooling  
  • LUBRICATION:  Priority main oiling system  
  • OIL SYSTEM FEATURES:  As is, block is set up for OE style internal oil pump. Block may be converted to a dry sump oiling system.  
  • FILTRATION: Integral mount for spin-on filter  
  • OIL PAN RAILS: Solid (stock width) 
  • CRANK CLEARANCE: 4.750" stroke crank (10.2) 4.375” stroke  (9.8)  (both using H-beam steel rods - sleeves only require notching for a 4.750" stroke)
  • MAIN CAPS: 4-bolt Splayed Billet 1045 Steel
  • MAIN CAP DESIGN: All 5 Caps are 4 Bolt Design w/ center 3 splayed outer bolts
  • MAIN CAP LOCATORS: Stock Register & Ring Dowels at the center studs
  • MAIN CAP HARDWARE: ARP ½” Stud Kit  
  • MOUNTS: OEM  starter and oil filter mounts  
  • BLOCK: Side ribs for extra strength & cooling - cross-ribs in valley  
  • MOTOR MOUNTS: Dual (front and side)  
  • CYLINDER HEAD HOLES: Blind tapped to prevent leaks
  • WEIGHT: Approximately  140 lbs. with sleeves


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