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Aluminum SBC

BMP Small Block Chevy Aluminum Engine Blocks 

From any angle this aluminum block is the class of the SBC field. Enhanced cooling, Strengthening ribs & more make this the best value on the market. The BMP SBC aluminum block stands apart from all others. The unique strengthening ribs serve several important functions, such as stabilizing and reinforcing the cylinder walls and enhancing cooling. They look cool too! There are also reinforcing ribs in the lifter valley that connect the two banks. These ribs are also drilled to cross feed the lifters. What's more, the block is configured for priority main oiling to assure that the crank gets oiled first. 




  • Material:  A357-T6 Aluminum (strongest available) 
  • Deck Height: 9.025" (standard Chevrolet) 
  • Deck Thickness: .600" minimum   
  • Cam Bearings: Std small block set 
  • Can be machined for 50MM.   
  • Main Bearings: Std Chevrolet (350/400 style)   
  • Camshaft Location: Stock   
  • Lifter Bores: Indexed (stock .843" bore)   
  • Bore: 3.990"  (hone to 4.000") or 4.115" (hone to 4.125")
  • Sleeves: Centrifugally cast ductile iron OD 4.280"  
  • Maximum Bore: 4.165"    
  • Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling   
  • Lubrication: Priority main oiling system, cross bank lifter oiling.   
  • Oil System Features:Std pump location. Integral boss for front feed, boss for rear scavenge sump pump  
  • Filtration: Integral mount for spin-on filter   
  • Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width)  
  • Dip Stick: Driver Side 
  • Crank Clearance: 4.000" stroke (H-beam steel rods) 
  • Main Caps: 4-bolt Splayed Billet Main Cap: All 5 Caps are 4 Bolt Design w/ center 3 splayed outer bolts 
  • Main Cap Locators: Stock Register & Ring Dowels at the center studs 
  • Main Cap Hardware: ARP ½” Stud Kit Rear  
  • Main Seal: Two piece SB Chevy 
  • Fuel Pump: OEM mount   
  • Starter: OEM mount   
  • Motor Mounts: Dual (front and side)   
  • Cylinder Head Stud/Bolt Holes: Blind tapped to prevent leaks 
  • Weight: Aluminum approx 100lbs. W / Sleeves.


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