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Cast Iron BBC GEN VI

World Products is offering a new Gen VI big block compatible design. This block uses a one-piece rear main seal, and has the Gen VI style oil pan rail and front cover bolt pattern. The block can utilize either the OE type roller lifters or +.300 tall tie bar lifters. It also features a Mark IV style fuel pump boss and oil filter pad. The water jacket and deck surface will accommodate eitherMark IV or Gen V-VI style cylinder heads, making this block extremely versatile.



  • Material: High Density Cast Iron
  • Deck Height: Standard 9.800"
  • Deck Thickness: .600" minimum
  • Gen VI style one piece rear main seal
  • Gen VI style oil pan bolt pattern
  • Gen VI timing cover bolt pattern
  • Cam Bearings: Standard Chevrolet
  • Main Bearings: Standard Chevrolet
  • Camshaft Location: Stock
  • Lifter Bores: Indexed (stock .8437" bore)
  • Bore: 4.240 (hone to 4.250") or 4.490 (hone to 4.500")
  • Maximum Bore: 4.625"
  • Cylinder Wall Thickness: .250" at 4.600" bore
  • Water Jackets: Expanded for better cooling
  • Lubrication: Priority main oiling system
  • Filtration: Integral mount for spin-on filter
  • Oil Pan Rails: Solid (stock width)
  • Crank Clearance: 9.800-4.375"/10.200-4.750" stroke
  • Main Caps: 4-bolts splayed, nodular iron or billet steel
  • Fuel Pump: Mark IV OEM mount
  • Starter: OEM mount
  • Motor Mounts: Dual (front and side)
  • Cylinder Head Holes: Blind tapped to prevent leaks
  • Weight: Approximately 270 lbs.
  • Cam Bearings: Durabond CHP12, 55mm GMP55T
  • Oil Restrictors: BMP 701802-2 installed in the front of block
  • Inner Lifter Valley Extra Head Bolts BMP 701302
  • Dowel and Plug Kit: BMP 703892S-K